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Murzahanova Saule Akhmetovna was born in Karaganda (07/24/1952). In 1974 she graduated from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, speciality “Economics and Mechanical Engineering “, qualified “engineer – economist.”

In 1975-1979 was elected a member of the Komsomol committee of KPTI, worked as Deputy Secretary, and in 1979 was transferred to the Department of Economics and Mechanical engineering of KPTI to the position of researcher, and then took the competition to become an assistant in this department. In 1983 as a young teacher who has a tendency to research work, the desire to improve her qualifications, S. Murzahanova was sent by rectorate of KPTI to the target graduate school of the Moscow Institute of management named after S. Ordzhanikidze. In 1987, S.A.Murzahanova completed postgraduate studies in MIM with defense of a thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

From 1987-2000 S.A.Murzahanova worked in KPTI (since 1994 – KSTU) as a teacher, having passed all the qualifying stages of growth from an assistant, senior lecturer to associate professor, worked as a deputy dean of the faculty. In 1998 S.A.Murzahanova transferred from the Department of EME (Economics and Mechanical Engineering) to the Department of Economics.

S.A.Murzahanova is notable for efficiency, organizational abilities, creativity of decisions. She was one of the initiative teachers who are able to create around herself a strong energy field, attracting students, stimulating them to work. She is characterized by civil stand, the desire to achieve success in all your undertakings.

In 2000 S.A.Murzahanova was invited to work as a specialist in financial relations to the position of Chairman of the Board of closed corporation NNP “Valyut-tranzit Fond “, and then became a member of the Board of Directors of closed corporation NNP’ Valyut-tranzit Fond.”

Since 2006 S.A.Murzahanova has been working as a director of FIG “Region”.

Throughout the period – after leaving to the present time S.A.Murzahanova communicate with KSTU, with the Institute of Economics. In 2009 she established a scholarship named after S.Seifullin, which is given annually to three students with high academic achievement.