Our graduates

Our graduates

Information about outstanding graduates of kafedy.

Kondyurin V.A.
JSK «NAT Kazakhstan», Director

Zakirov M.Kh.
Ministry of Finance, head of information security department

Sultanova B.K.
KarSTU, Director of the Institute of Computer Technologies and Systems Engineering

Тен Т.Л.
KEU, professor of Information and Computing Systems Department

Pogorelov A.M.
«Bank of Russia» (Moscow), Deputy General Director

Degay O. Head of department of LLP “PlusMicro”

Igemberlin A.E. EPAM Systems, Astana

Martynenko V.Yu. Centre of technological competence DEMEU, head of data transfer department

Marinushkin E.M.
LLP«Optimist Resurs» (Moscow, RF), General Director

Grashchenkov A.N.
LLP «Optimist Resurs» (Moscow, RF), Deputy General Director

Yessenbayev S.Kh.
KarSTU, professor of IM department

Oralbekov K.I. Director of college, Temirtau

Akashev E.U.
Director of technical lyceum

Rakhimzhanov A.S.
Deputy head of Akimat’s machinery, Astana