Department of «Information computing systems» (IСS)

More than 700 graduating students of speciality the “Informative systems” successfully work on the state and private enterprises of Republic of Kazakhstan, in the countries of near and distant foreignness. We are legally proud of the graduating students that work in the anchorwomen of IT- companies of Kazakhstan : Marmentev D. Amirov K. Izvekova N. Zhunusbaeva E., S. Stefoglo ( LLP “PlyusMikro” ), Gainullina L. (Karaganda REALTOR PO DIS of “Kazakhtelecom”), S. Antonov, Aniskina A. ((“1C: Fraychayzing Vaniev”),  Kulimbetova J. (“National information technologies”), Eroshenko A. Matveychev E. A Utepov .(“Geoinfo” LLP), Muslaev K. (Commercial and industrial chamber of the Karaganda area), Zhunusbekova A. (pharmaceutical company “Amanat”).



Shevelev Pavel Borisovich 2005 year after was hired by a simple seller TD “Dream”.

With the knowledge gained in the walls of KSTU he became a senior dealer, general manager.

Today holds the position of Commercial Director.In honor of the 10th anniversary of the end of Pavel Borisovich he gave his native department of air conditioning.



  ZHunusov Duman. He was born on November 7, 1979.

In 2002 year he graduated from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree of “Information Systems”.

He is currently head of LLP “ERP-Service” KazTransCom



 Ibragimov Sapargali. He was born on January 14, 1978.

He studied at the Karaganda State Technical University from 1996 to 2001 in the specialty of “Information Systems”.

He is currently working as Deputy Chief of Financial Officer at LLP “ERNUR-print”.

   Vitaly Terentyev. He was born in 1979 year.

He successfully graduated from Karaganda State Technical univesity with a degree of “Information Systems” in 2001 year.

He is the CEO of an information portal job-HeadHunter.COM.KZ

    Igenberlin Azat in 2000 graduated from KSTU with honors.

Powered Astana. Director of the project office NIT.


Сыздыкова Зулейха Анваровна – Deputy Director for IT, Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College Graduated

from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Automated Information Systems


Omashev Sergazy Bagdatovich – Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Protection of Information Resources Department

to ensure the operation of the courts under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Building A) Astana



Татьяна Леонидовна Тен – Head of the Department “Information and Computing Systems” Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz.

Graduated from Karaganda Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Automated Information Systems.

     Нургужина Асель – Deputy Director of the Center of Pedagogical Excellence of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual schools.

Graduated from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Automated Information Systems