Reviews of employers, graduates and Letter of Appreciation

Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»

Reviewed on Makarenko E.Y. – Chemistry & Chemical Technologies’s Department of KSTU

Review about KSTU of ITMO University

Reviewed on Mukashev A.B. – LLP “Kazakhmys Corporation“

Reviewed on Hairullin S.B. – Joint-stock company “Sokolovsko-Sarbay mining and processing industrial association

Reviewed on Arynov T.M. – LLP “Aknar PF”

Review about the department “Chemistry and Chemical Technologies” from the professors TPU and TSU (Tomsk, Russia)

Review and letter of appreciation on Akimbekov A.

Reviewed on Antaev Z.P. – LLP ALS-Kazlab

Reviewed on Buribaev M.E.-OPK-LLP-Kazahmys

Reviewed on Dosmagambetova A.ZH.-LLP-ALS-Kazlab

Reviewed on Kenzhebekova E.S.-LLP-Silicon-mining

Reviewed on Momynbekova-A.D.-CHMI-ZH.Abisheva

Reviewed on SHajke-ZH.A.-ChMI.Abisheva

Letter of Appreciation-The International Energy Centre PRO-ECO

Reviews of KSTU graduates from the Department of Industrial ecology and chemistry

Opinion about KSTU of Tomsk State University