Open lesson’s topic is «Serial devices. Triggers»

On May 2, at the College of Innovative Technologies, a teacher in special disciplines “Automation and Control”, Sabikenova Gulzhan Bauyrzhanovna, with students of KAU 9 / 17-1 and KAU 9 / 17-2 groups on the topic “Serial devices. Triggers” on discipline” Fundamentals of Electronics and Microelectronics ” conducted an open lesson in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

The purpose of the lesson: an explanation of a new topic with interesting methods, developing languages, the ability to work students in a group, and also increasing interest in the lesson.

The lesson was a form of competition between groups. Each work was scored. Students were able to protect their homework in three languages.
In addition to group tasks, there were handouts, individual tasks for each.
In the form of the practice of a new theme, the students worked in groups in the “Electronic Workbench” program, collecting RS, D, T, JK schemes of triggers, compared their works. In addition to test questions to consolidate the lesson, repeating past topics was a game in the form of a quiz. All students were very active and interested. In the end, they evaluated themselves, their comrades as a lesson as a whole.