Report on departure

Autumn international residential school of trade union leaders “Zhas Kanat”


Objective of departure –development of communication between active youth of Karaganda and trade union leaders of other countries and cities, to present students’ trade union of KSTU, to attract first-year students to active work in the primary trade union organization of KSTU students and undergraduates. Also development and further realization of projects directed on solution of problems of students’ trade union.




  • Out-of-town recreation in Temirtau;
  • Departure to recreation at 17:00 from the main building of KSTU;
  • Departure to the base  –  October 12;
  • Departure from the base – October 14.



The first day.

        170 participants of departure gathered in the 2nd building of KSTU, on which organizational moments of event were solved. Also chairman of ««Zhas Orda» trade union of KSTU students and undergraduates» told participants about the importance of work carried out in trade union Zhas Orda. Sponsor of departure operator of cellular communication «Beeline» company, gave possibility to students to participate in the development of new ideas for the company. Organizers held a briefing on safety among all participants of departure and divided participants in teams. Further teams separated by auditoriums, in which they were able to get acquainted and get training on team building.

Second day

Within the scope of departure was held game “Day watch” in city. Participants run in stations and did various tasks. The game was able to unite participants inside of the team and raise the spirit of rivalry between teams.


The third day

There was held departure of participants to the recreation centre. All participants gathered in front of the entrance café “Polytechnic”, envelopes with tasks were distributed; safety measures were read repeatedly with the following collection of signatures of familiarization with it. Inspection of personal things of participants on the purpose of detection narcotic and alcoholic drinks was held. During the trip participants played games, performed tasks. On arrival to the recreation centre “Cosmonaut” participants left a trace with paint from their palm on the paper, thus showing that they have officially arrived to residential school “Zhas Kanat”. Further there was settling of the participants to rooms. The same evening, team finished game «Mixer» to get acquainted with all the participants of departure. The next point was a game «night watch» – where team did a variety of tasks from organizers. Initiation to the Trade Union «Zhas Orda» – participants were carried out by corridor with candles, which ended with a platform, where team uttered an oath. It was the last event for that evening, after that participants had lights-out.



The fourth day

Rise of participants at 7.30, then exercises. After breakfast participants had events directed to teaching freshmen. Trainings on “KVN”, seminars on “Zhas Orda”, master-classes on Leadership” and “Public Speaking” gave a strong push in development of our students. Participants could discuss problems of students’ youth, exchange opinions and to mark the most important information on master classes.

 “Cheer starts” were held among youth for more development of healthy lifestyle. Further there was a talent show “Zhas Star”, where participants showed themselves from the creative side. Here they use their creativity and hobby, also skills acquired on trainings and master-classes. Participants showed themselves from the various sides, they sang, dances, tried to joke, showed miniature. Before the lights-out there was held a candle, where participants shared their impressions and wishes for the last days.


The fifth day (final)

After morning procedures participants passed master class “Theory of lie” and training on cohesiveness. Further by plan teams had the main event of departure “Italy”, where participants had to create project on definite theme and defend it.  Essence of the event – to teach participants to implement ideas, projects into reality, achieve their implementation, in spite of all arguments which lead opposite sides. Final event of that day was closure of departure, where summed up results of all residential school and participants were awarded with diplomas and there was taken a joint photo.

Then there was settling of participants from the buildings and departure from “Cosmonaut” base. On coming to Karaganda all participants came home safely.