Report on the round table “The future: Spiritual perfection»

Karaganda state technical University Department of information technologies and security»

Report on the round table “The future: Spiritual perfection»


Date: 15/04/2019 time: 13: 00-14: 00

Venue: building/AUD. Building 1, auditorium 167 Participants: students of group fit-18-1 (SIB), fit-17-1 Number of students: 25

Expert information:such a landmark is important for the representatives of the younger generation to learn the good traditions of the people, instilled Patriotic qualities.Teachers of the Department “Information technology and security “organized a round table on the theme:”Looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness” among students of the first and second courses. Students and other curators of the Department took an active part in this event. During the round table the audience was also decorated with plastic, crossword, which reflects the 6 areas of spiritual modernization. At the round table the students shared their thoughts on the topic. Racing with the theme, decided on the basis of known facts. Our goal is obvious, we know the direction that involves entering the top 30 most developed countries of the world.

The purpose of this event was: to improve the active participation of students in public spheres, to provide an opportunity to show their abilities, to establish friendly relations with each other outside school hours, to provide an opportunity to freely Express their thoughts, to increase competitiveness, a clear knowledge of their national and personal wealth, the preservation of national identity, the desire to be educated, open, prosperous, evolutionary development, openness of consciousness.

The results of the work done: such events require a high level of training, gives the opportunity to reveal themselves, to educate the correct formulation of their

ideas, to instill in them national values. Increase the activity of curators and students through social events.As a result, the state and the nation

it’s not something that spilled out of steel and froze, and is a living organism that is constantly evolving. He must be able to consciously adapt to the flow of time to live. New global trends do not ask anyone, no one. Therefore, the task for contemporary modernization faced by all States. Time spent mercury, no one expects, and the process of modernization, as history itself, continues. At the same time, in the era of docking of two centuries, Kazakhstan has a unique historical opportunity to radically modernize and consolidate its future through new ideas. We believe that all Kazakhstanis, especially the younger generation, deeply understand the importance of these proposals for modernization. The internal desire for modernization in the new conditions is the main principle of our development. You have to change to live. Unknown to him, will remain in the dust of history.

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Responsible organizers: S. Zhaksybaeva R., S. Suleyman E., Tel.: 8 (7182) 32-07-30 M. P.