The complex program “Mangilik El” and “Rouhani air”


On September 12, 2018, a round table was held on the theme:” the Role of ICT in modern society”. The active participation of the students of the fit-18-1(old), fit- 181(Sib), ITF-17-1, INF-18-1, together with the curators. The organizers of the event were senior lecturer Kadirova GB, senior curator Kulbaeva L. M. P. This topic was given to students in advance. They prepared and shared their views on this topic. Speaking at the round table senior curator Kulbaeva L. M. P. according to the opinion, in order to meet the needs of the society informed in the XXI century in the field of education, the following tasks are envisaged: improving the quality of education through the effective use of computer technology, the Internet, computer network, electronic and telecommunication, interactive tools, electronic textbooks in the educational process.            Effective use of new information technologies in the educational process through the subject of ICT is the main factor of quality education. In the conditions of Informatization of modern society, the student is important for life in the information society, as well as for the proper orientation and development of effective solutions in the information flow. In accordance with the ongoing social and democratic changes in society, due to the intensive development of computer technology and information technology, the requirements for ICT training discipline are increasing daily.

According to one of the active students Temirkhanova Sabina, currently ICT is the initial stage of all disciplines related to information systems, starting with Microsoft office packages, algorithms, counting systems, logical operations, graphics

Editors, Editors, creating various Web sites, can get acquainted and work with such programs as smart –technology, Move Maker, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, FrontPage. Summing up the results of the round table, we live in the world, in a country that pays special attention to the improvement of the education system, the development of new technologies and the modern development of young people. The purpose of General education is the formation of a person who is able to freely navigate on the basis of deep knowledge and professional skills, to self- development, to make morally responsible decisions. Our goal in ICT training is the Formation of a modern, modern personality, who has a deep knowledge of information technology, rapidly changing. Today we can not imagine our life without a computer, digital technology. The ACT is the subject. There is reason to say that the subject of ICT is  the basis of the information society,  the main Foundation that allows them to master freely.

In General, the round table was a very lively discussion. Students of each group shared their views and exchanged information. Students of group Fit-17-1 Askarova Arailym, temirkhanova Sabina, Sanathan Olzhas, students of group Fit-18-1 Shaykhin Temirlan, Kokay Sultan.


Senior curator                                               Kulbaeva L. N.

Head. Department of ITB                               Kokkoz M. M.