Report of the 60th inter-faculty sports day


Dates from 8.04.2019 for 19.04.2019.

According to the format of the competition, the teams were divided into two groups, according to the results of last year’s tournament.

Group A             Group B

  1. Fit  1. GF
  2. TDF  2. FEAT
  3. ASF  3. MF
  4. FIM

According to the results of the disputed games in groups, in the semifinal part of the tournament teams of faculties took root: fit, ASF, GF and FEAT. Team MF and TDF was found in the game for fifth and sixth place, where the stronger was the TDF team, they finally took the fifth place, the team of FIAM automatically placed seventh.

April 16, a semifinal game part where they met the team of FEET – fit, GF -, ASF. The first to come to the site team fit – FEAT , initially it was assumed that the game will be persistent, both teams focused their forces on defense. As a result of this struggle, the final score was a minimum of 2:0 In favor of the team fit. In the second semi-final met team ASF – GF. Here the advantage was owned by the GF team, which is almost entirely composed of players of the Karstu national mini-football team. The final score is 7:4 In favor of the GF team.

April 19 is the final day of the competition.

In the match for the third place met ASF – FEAT team, the score in the match 5:4 In favor of the ASF team.

And finally in the main match of the tournament met the team fit – GF. Here the teams played a mutually sharp game, no team was able to create a gap, the advantage passed from one team to another. The game was spectacular.  As a result, in the last minute the victory pulls the team GF, the score in the match 5:4.

At the end of the tournament, the teams are as follows:

  1. GF
  2. Fit
  3. ASF
  4. FEAT
  5. THP
  6. MF
  7. FIM

Also, according to the results of the tournament, the best players in the following categories were identified:

“The best player of the tournament”: Nursipatova.

“Best goalkeeper”: Dekadal fit.

“Most valuable player”: Zhekebatyrov GF.

Chief justice: Okasov E. A.