The main functions of the Service

Социально – психологическая служба

  1. Social and psychological education (formation in students the need in psychological knowledge in the interests of personal development and to solve professional problems);
  2. Social and psychological prevention actions (prevention of symptoms of students’ disadaptation); psychodiagnostics (to tell a student objective psychological information based on the research of his cognitive processes or personality traits);

3.Social and psychological correction (overcoming or compensating of deviations in student’s personal development);

  1. Professional orientation (ensuring professional self-determination and motivational orientation of a student);
  2. Psychological counseling (assisting a student in self-knowledge, achieving adequate self-esteem and adaptation in life conditions, shaping the value and motivational environment, overcoming crisis situations and achieving emotional stability that contribute to personal growth and self-development, including individual and group counseling).

6.System sociological monitoring among students, teaching staff of the university, providing the administration of the university with research, information and analytical and social prognostic material.

  1. Adaptation of students to the learning conditions at KSTU

Types of work aimed at improving the mechanisms of students’ adaptation to the learning conditions at KSTU:

  • Sociometric research of the structure of student groups to identify informal leaders and rejected group members.
  • Simulation of exam situations and autogenic training for students with a low level of emotional and volitional regulation.