Main stages of creation of SCO University

The concept of SCO university
Contact data of head (Basic) USCO University
Model of SCO University
Study scheme at SCO University
Administration system of SCO University
Financial basis of SCO University’s functioning
Main stages of creation of SCO University

• agreement of intentions and understanding of participating countries;
• elaboration of functioning scheme;
• signing of interdepartmental Record on intentions of  education ministries of SCO member States;
• determination of main higher education institutions of countries and beginning of agreement of programmes;
• elaboration of SCO University’s Charter;
• signing a decision on establishment of SCO University by leaders of SCO member States.

Activities for organization SCO University may be implemented in the following terms:
1. Short-term prospect (during 2008-2009):
• clarification of positions and capacities of countries-participants of Organization on creation of SCO University;
• development of SCO University’s development concept for  discussion with the countries-participants of the project;
• signing of interdepartmental Record on intentions of education ministries of SCO member States;
• analysis of normative base for joint certification and certification and elaboration of recommendations for its improvement;
• agreement of university groups, participating in project and determination of University, responsible for certain areas of training within the scope of SCO University;
• coordination of several master’s programmes, joint training on the basis of already existing educational relations as «experimental field»;
• development of projects and systems to ensure quality of master’s programs in agreed upon specialties – supporting existing in SCO member States of Russian and Chinese languages Centres and «convert» them to the language centres of SCO (one from each country), developing them on the basis of courses for language specialists for the bodies of SCO with corresponding certification.

2. Medium-term prospect(2009-2010):
• signing of a decision on SCO University establishment by leaders of SCO countries;
• coordination of normative base of documents issue on SCO University’s education and     their forms received by the agreed training programmes and courses;
• creating and putting into operation training, management and administrative structures of SCO University;
• launch of joint doctoral studies (postgraduate) (provided for already existing bilateral   agreements), joint coordinated scientific research;
• coordination of master’s and bachelor’s training programmes, programmes of improvement of professional skills and professional retraining.
• approval of terms, forms and trajectory of students teaching within the scope of SCO University.


3. Long-term prospect  (2010-12).
• running on training system «bachelor plus master» in the areas of training, which are carried out on Master course basis;
• creation of infoware network correspondence education of University;
• expansion of directions list and specialities of training;
• publication of its own scientific bulletins and other publications of University;
• carrying out events directed on international recognition of SCO University and its diplomas, and also international accreditation of educational programmes of a bachelor degree and a Master course to increase competitiveness of  University.