The opening parade of the 62nd traditional Interfaculty Sports Contest dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Abylkas Saginov Card.

On 07.04.2023, the opening parade of the 62nd traditional interfaculty Sports Contest dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Abylkas Saginov CARD was held in the KarTU sports complex.

The opening was attended by honored guests:

  1. Isagulov Aristotle Zeynullinovich

– Executive Director of the Abylkas Saginov Map

– Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

  1. Kalykov Abai Koblandievich

– Member of the Board, Vice-Rector for Educational Work

– Deputy of the Karaganda city Maslikhat

– Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate Professor.

  1. Kyzyrov Kayroll Beisenbaevich

– Chairman of the Council of Elders

– professor

– honored veteran of the map.

  1. Finonchenko Andrey Yurievich

– champion of Kazakhstan

– Winner of the Kazakhstan Cup 2013

– Winner of the Kazakhstan Super Cup 2013

– The best football player of Kazakhstan 2013

– The best striker of the Kazakhstan Premier League 2013

– The best scorer of the championship of Kazakhstan 2003

– During his club career, he played 344 matches in the Shakhtar team, scoring a total of 131 goals.

– He played 21 matches in the national team of Kazakhstan, scoring 4 goals in them.

  1. Student Sikhimbayev Amirzhan

– the best athlete named after him. Abylkas Saginov 2022

– Silver medalist of the World Grappling Championship 2022

  1. Student Gorbachev Ilya

– the best athlete named after him. Abylkas Saginov 2023

– Silver medalist of the 2023 World Youth Kettlebell Lifting Championship.

National teams participated in the parade: Mining Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Innovative Technologies, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Faculty of Transport and Road, Faculty of Architecture and Construction, Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications, College of Innovative Technologies.

As well as the judging staff: Futsal- Okasov Yerlan Asylbekovich, Basketball-Zakiullin Rustam Raisovich, Volleyball (men’s)- Eleukeshov Orynbek Nurtayevich, Volleyball (women’s) Eleukeshov Aibek Ergalievich, Togyzkumalak- Madiyarov Medet Kabdullayevich, Cross-Taghibai Nurbol Zhanaidarovich, Chief Secretary of the Spartakiad – Seisenova Aigul Seilovna.

Zhas Orda took an active part in the opening of the Spartakiad, students performed two songs and two dances. The witches and girls (in national costumes) holding the passports of the faculties were also from the “Zhas Horde” (Coverage of 150 people).