An open lesson with the MET-22-1 kaz group on the discipline “Electrical Engineering” by the teacher of the department “Energy Systems”, master of Kenzhebek Aksaule Serikbayevna

05.03.2024 the teacher of the department of “Energy Systems” held an open seminar on the discipline “Electrical Engineering” for the group MET-22-1 kaz on the topic “Calculation of complex DC circuits”. During the lessons, the teacher introduces students to complex circuits of electrical circuits and taught them several techniques for calculating and converting these circuits. In order to practice, students were given individual assignments on the topic. At the end of the lesson, the acquired knowledge is summarized.

During the open lesson, students got acquainted with the following new concepts related to the topic: the connection of an electric circuit in the form of an “asterisk” and a “triangle”, complex numbers.