Open curatorial master class on the topic “Daniyarov A. N. – an outstanding teacher, scientist and head of the Scientific School of mining transport of Kazakhstan”.

October 5, 2021 at the Department of “Industrial Transport named after Professor A. N. Daniyarova” Karaganda technical University held curatorial master class on the topic “Daniyarov A. N. – crect teacher, scientist and Honoured Tau-Ken Clg scientific mektebin getcss”

Responsible teacher: Kassamakov S. J.

Participants: a group of OP-19-1C (14 students), Deputy Dean of TDF, head of the Department “Industrial transport”, teachers of the Department PT.

Type of participation: online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The purpose of the curatorial hour: the study of one of the branches of the transport industry for centuries, the development of science, the direction of the work of the famous scientist A. N.Daniyarov, who became an example for young people, to search, to science, to science.

Tasks of the curatorial hour:

Educational – Daniyarov A. N. -presentation about an outstanding teacher and head of the scientific school of mountain transport of Kazakhstan. To foster the desire to be an honest citizen of your country.

Educational – Daniyarov A. N. – generalization, deepening and consolidation of knowledge on an outstanding teacher, scientist and contribution to the development of KarSTU.

Developing – the formation of thinking abilities, the acquisition of skills to work in a team, a group.