Open curatorial hour on the theme “Algas aitu kuni”

Senior lecturer of the Department of “Industrial Transport” of Karaganda Technical University Kosbarmakov S.Zh. On March 1, 2022, within the framework of the program “Rukhani zhangyru” held an open curatorial hour on the topic “Algas aitu kuni”.

The main purpose of the curatorial hour is to expand students’ ideas about the value of “respect” and the formation of students’ personal attitude to the country, the land, influencing feelings at the level of understanding of national cognition.

Tasks: a) to give an idea of gratitude, gratitude, gratitude;

  1. b) develop love for the older and younger, polite attitude;
  2. c) education of decency, humility, benevolence.

In total, 21 people attended the open curatorial hour, 14 of them were students of the Department of Industrial Transport, the remaining 7 were from among the following teachers:

Dean of the TRF Kurmasheva B. K.

Head of the Department of IT Askarov B. Sh.

Teachers of the Department of IT: Abdygalieva S. Zh., Kenzhekeeva A. R., Atken E., Beisembayev D.M., Kanat F.E.