Online course ‘Professional teacher e-learning’

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From 16 January to 6 February, there will be an online course ‘Professional teacher e-learning’.

  • You plan to work in system of training online?
  • Interested in distance education technologies?
  • Create content and want to know whether it will be able to provide feedback to trainees?
  • Want to make the material effective?
  • Think that teaching online (or study) – is ineffective?
  • Interested in ways of implementing professional abilities in the online environment?
  • Want quickly and efficiently deal with technological and methodological intricacies of distance learning?

Then this course is for you.

After the course, you will be able to organize online training of students by courses within the area of your professional competencies.

Under either option, you will receive a CERTIFICATE

Find the program of the course, information and register here: