Online conference on theme “World economy”

On 19 April at 14.00 the online-conference on the theme “World economy” was held in the framework of participation in the competition “Youth for G-Global” in the conference hall of KSTU. The representatives of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of KSTU, as well as foreign scholars specializing in the solution of global problems of the world economy took part in the conference.

Foreign speakers and researchers of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of KSTU spoke with reports in the event:

Denis Scheglov, PhD, associate professor of RTU (Riga, Latvia) “Global innovation trends and challenges” (“Global trends and challenges of innovation”);

– Akhmetzhanov B.A., PhD, professor of Karaganda State Technical University “World economy: problems of production and marketing of coal”;

– Aubakirova G.M., PhD, professor of Karaganda State Technical University “Import phase-out in the economy of Kazakhstan: current condition and prospects”.

-OsikYu.A., Ph.D, professor of KSTU, “China’s Economy: status and prospects”;

– Kochkina G.A., PhD in Economics, associate professor of KSTU “Development of compulsory insurance as an instrument of social protection”;

-Zhamanchinov A.K., master, senior lecturer “Social entrepreneurship as the Institute for the development of innovative behavior of household members. Experience of international organizations”.

In her speech, Olga Vladimirovna Prokopenko, professor of the Department “Marketing and entrepreneurship” (Technical and Humanitarian Academy (Poland, Bielsko-biała) thanked KSTU for the invitation to participate in the conference and emphasized the importance of cooperation between Polish universities and “Polytech” for the implementation of the tasks set by President of Kazakhstan within the project G-Global.

The conference was attended by more than 1,000 students and faculty of the University. The conference was broadcast live in five-line audiences (337, 338, 339) of the main building and 207, 209 classrooms of the first building and on educational television of KSTU.