Online antinuclear Republican youth forum “Youth of Kazakhstan against nuclear weapons”

The purpose of the national youth anti-nuclear online forum: definition of perspectives and exchange of experiences on the further development of tools and mechanisms for the implementation of policies of Kazakhstan to improve nuclear safety.

Tasks of the national youth anti-nuclear forum:

– the current situation in the field of nuclear safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– discussion and evaluation of effectiveness of activity of Kazakhstan on strengthening the international non-proliferation regime of weapons of mass destruction;

– discussions on improving the image of Kazakhstan in the international arena, global leadership of Kazakhstan in the field of disarmament, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear security;

– prospects of development of the global anti-nuclear initiatives of Kazakhstan.

The time and place of holding the national youth anti-nuclear forum:

March 10, 2016, 10.00-13.00 the main building of Karaganda state technical University, located at the address: Karaganda, B.Mira, 56, main hall.

The participants of the international and national level in case of impossibility of arriving at a Forum to participate in network mode (Internet).

Requirements for conduct of Forum for high schools:

The computer with the operating system not lower than Windows 7;



Access to high speed Internet of at least 8 MB/s;

Must be submitted till  February 17, 2016 a preliminary application in the University about participation in the online mode ( indicating the status (basic or linear).

Each regional base the University should ensure the participation of at least 500 people.

To promote the outcomes of the Forum will be published as online proceedings:

Each regional base the University should publish your e-book.

The best materials should be published mainly in electronic proceedings of KSTU.


Phone 8(7212)56-88-01, 56-59-35 (int.1042)