on April 12, 2016 members of the creative groups of the University went to Temirtau

April 12, 2016 participants of creative groups of the University has acted with the concert program in front of the high school graduates of Temirtau in  PCM “Metallurg”.

Before high school graduates were: Issagulov A. Z. — first Vice-rector of KSTU, Akhmetzhanov B. A. – Professor, head.of dep. ES, Kyzyrov K. B. – Professor of the dep. ES, Intykov T. S. — the head of the Association of graduates and teachers of  KSTU, Kulikov V. Y. – head.of the dep. NTM, Kenzhegulova S. A. — specialist of  the Centre POW, Bolatkhanov A. N. — graduate from school № 31 of Temirtau.

The speakers told about the specialties of our University.