On 18 January 2017 at 14.00, a meeting on the initiative of ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual schools’ was held in the main building of KSTU

On 18 January 2017, at 14.00 a meeting on the initiative of ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual schools’ with the participation of members of the university administration, representatives of faculties, education-methodological department, admission commission to the presentation of specific educational programs of the Intellectual schools for the discussion of the recognition possibilities of the final evaluation results of NIS graduates for admission to the university and the awarding of credits for certain subjects.

Karaganda State Technical University has a long tradition of training of engineering and technical personnel, formed team of highly qualified teachers and scholars.

The training at Nazarbayev Intellectual schools is conducted on educational programs with a high level of comparability with internationally recognized A – level and IB Diploma and provides in-depth study of subjects of natural-mathematical cycle. More than 80% of graduates choose NIS for further study at university for a degree of technical and natural scientific orientation.

Representatives of ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual schools’:

  1. Shamshidinova Kulyash Nogatayevna – Chairman of the Board
  2. Mukashev Nursultan Yermekovich – Assistant of Deputy Chairman
  3. Mozhayeva Olga Ivanovna – Managing Director
  4. Abilov Rustam Zhumabekovich -Deputy Director of the Department of Education Quality Assessment
  5. Magzumova Arailym Kuanyshevna – Deputy Director of Educational Programmes Centre
  6. Nurakayeva Leila Tursynovna – Deputy Director of Pedagogical Measurements Centre