October 25, 2022 under the leadership of Kaliaskarov N.B. held an open master class on the topic “Eternal genius”.

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of M. Auezov, an open master class on the topic “Eternal Genius” was held with the RET-19-1 group of the TCS department. Curator of the group Kaliaskarov N.B. and a student of the RET-19-1 group Shegova A. spoke about the life story of M. Auezov, dramatic works, the Alash movement, the epic novel “Abai Zholy”. They also pointed out that the novel is dedicated to the famous Kazakh writer, public figure, scientist Abai Kunanbaev. The curator divided the group into two teams and held a quiz game so that the members of the commission could see how well the students learned the topic. Based on the results of the open master class, we can conclude that the biographies and works of M.O. Auezov have a special role in Kazakh literature, every student and young children should know about scientists who are a special pride of our people. Coming to the end of the open door hour held for this purpose, the curator of the group Kaliaskarov N.B. thanked all participants and guests, awarded the winning group and active participants with diplomas. At the master class, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of EAT for educational work Makhambetov O.K. summed up and gave a positive assessment of the master class.