Objects, objectives, results

Objects, objectives, results of the youth charitable organization “Akniet”

Object: Rend moral, material and psychological help for children from Children’s home, boarding schools, orphanage, distributaries and special correctional establishments.

Objectives: to help children forget about experienced psychological trauma got in result of deprivation of parental love and care;

Assist in improving self-esteem, successful growth and development of the child, adaptation to a normal life;

Broaden the mind, creativity, recognize talents of the children and help them to realize;

Involve the community to the problems of orphans, to give opportunity everyone to realize desire to help socially need people.


The work with various children’s establishments of Karaganda and Karaganda region is implemented on the constant base:

-Karaganda boarding-schools for mentally retarded children and children with limited capacity in development;

-children’s home by the type of family “Asem” and “Tansholpan”;

-The Sergeyev’s asylum.

Weekly thematic set-offs to children to children’s home

Constant provision of supervised children’s homes with stationery, toys, clothes, sport stock.

Constant organization of cultural-entertaining events: concerts, children’s holidays, set-offs to theatres and zoos, hiking and sport competitions.

Developing courses are organized for various age groups, by children’s desire (computer, language, needlework) as in children’s homes, so at KSTU.

Issue of free Children’s newspaper since October, 2009, distribution of it by Children’s homes, boarding schools and asylums.

Collaborative raids are held with Department of protection of children’s rights of Karaganda region and organization “SOS Children’s villages of Kazakhstan”.

Help about 30 poor families every year.

Charitable trip to Botakara of Bukhar-Zhyrau region with presents for 15 poor families.

Letters of gratitude are received from the Heads of the children’s establishments to our address.

We are waiting for you in the ranks of our volunteers!!!

Today all wishing to try themselves in volunteer movement “Akniet” have opportunity. You should only have desire and to be ready show yourself. Don’t think that if you want to help, it’s necessary to have money! You can invest your power and energy in organization of games, creative lessons, educational courses, concerts, performances and holidays.