Nurken Abdirov. Immortal feat

On the eve of the great holiday – the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, students of the OP-18-2 group, curator Makhmetova G.Sh. and acting Associate Professor Shaihova G.S. took part in the curatorial hour dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the pilot of our fellow-countryman N. Abdirov, Hero of the Soviet Union. Students prepared a presentation “Nurken Abdirov. Pitch into immortality “about the life and feat of our hero. The purpose of the event is to cultivate a sense of patriotism, pride in the war heroes who defended their homeland from the fascist invaders. Diana Abildina presented the poem “The Winged Kazakh” (1947) of the Kazakh Soviet writer Sapargali Begalin, dedicated to Nurken Abdirov. During the period of participation in fightings, N. Abdirov made 16 combat missions, destroyed 18 tanks, 28 vehicles with manpower and cargo, 18 wagons with ammunition, 3 bunkers, a tank with fuel, 5 guns and about a hundred fascists. On December 19 of 1942, Nurken Abdirovich Abdirov died a heroic death, sending a flaming plane to the tank trucks standing next to the tanks, destroying about 6 enemy tanks.

The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded March 31, 1943 posthumously. Awarded the Order of Lenin.