From November 1 to December 30, a course of lectures is given by Associate Professor of the University of Technology (Malaysia) Dr. PhD Mohd Haizal bin Jamaludin

At the invitation of the AMP Department, within the framework of work with visiting professors of the TOP universities of the world on the basis of our university, from 11/01/22 to 11/30/22, he conducts consultations, lectures and seminars on the topics: “Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems”, “Mobile Radio Transmission Systems”, “Duplexing. Cellular Telephone System”, as well as master classes and trainings for the faculty of our university PhD, Associate Professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Johor, Malaysia).

Classes are attended by doctoral students, undergraduates and teachers of the university, who note the relevance of these courses, as well as a creative approach in presenting the material.

The work of a foreign specialist allows developing students’ competencies through new knowledge and teaching methods from the standpoint of modern approaches to the educational process, and is aimed at the internationalization of education at the University.

An agreement was also reached on issues of future interaction and cooperation, co-leadership and review of doctoral dissertations, writing joint publications in rating journals included in foreign databases Scopus, WoS.

Meeting of Mohd Haizal bin Jamaluddin with the vice-rector on Academic issues of Saginov KarTU Temirbayeva A.M. and with acting head Department of AMP Yugay V.V.

Practical classes with undergraduates of the 1st course gr. AiUM-22-1, 2

Classes with undergraduates of the AiUM-22-1 group (1.5 y.)

Classes with undergraduates of the EEM-22-1 group

Classes with undergraduates of the AiUM-22-2 group