Department of «Energy systems»

Laying flowers at the monument QAZAQ ELINE MYN ALGYS

REPORT about the Round Table dedicated to the Victory Day

16 International Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for the Mining and Metallurgical Complex and Rational Use of Subsoil “Mining Week 2021”

In the period from March 13 to April 9, 2021. to the Department of Power Systems was invited, in order to conduct lectures and consultations for undergraduates, a foreign scientist Navid Ismail from Islamabad, Pakistan.

On March 15, 2021, the 1st round of the Republican Olympiad in the specialty 6В07109 “Power Engineering” was held, in which 32 people took part.

Report on the visit to the Karaganda State Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky

08.05.2019 был проведен Кураторский час на тему: “Бердус И.В. – инженер-энергетик,  организатор Ленинградского каскада ГЭС”

29 марта 2019 года студенты гр.ЭЭ-17-3 посетили театр им.Станиславского, спектакль «Маленькая камерная пьеса»

REPORT on holding a round table on the topic “Issues of practice and demand for specialists – thermal power engineering”