The Department of «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits»


Recall of the student of the GRMP chair – about the academic mobility program

Dear students, specialties “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”.

I, Ulgibayeva Begim, a 3rd-year student of the specialty “Geology and Prospecting for Mineral Deposits”, started studying under the academic mobility program from January 10, 2018, becoming the winner of the competition for studies at this University.

I want to tell you and offer mobility training at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

When I first arrived, yes, it was certainly difficult to get used to another student environment. But it did not last long. Since the teachers are the same with respect to all. Teachers of the highest level, interesting subjects, cognitive materials! At conferences that are held regularly, you can learn a lot of useful and necessary information. You can do scientific work. Competent teachers will always help to understand the subject. The timetable is designed in such a way that it is convenient for students. Educational buildings more than 20. It is worth noting that some buildings have retained their appearance since the opening of the university, which is more than 100 years old.

The hostel is good: in sections, 4 rooms, in each room there are 2-3 students. The room has everything for the necessary accommodation and a gym on the ground floor is available.

The University conducts many different extracurricular activities: sports, creative, intellectual. Students always have something to do. Foreign students conduct all sorts of activities that characterize their country. For example, I attend Chinese meetings. Chinese students have created a club, and they each week gather an audience and talk about their country, how they celebrate their holidays, what customs there are, etc. And then there’s the club, “Speaking English”, where you can learn English by speaking with native speakers. We Kazakhstanis also organized a cultural club in order to show our culture, customs.

          In general, if you ask me “Is it worth to come to study at TPU?”, I always answer “Of course, YES!”. You will receive a high-quality education and will spend a lot of fun in the beautiful city. ADVICE. You will not regret.

On March 30, 2018 on the eve of the Geologist’s Day celebration, Forum of Geologists dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the University and the 60th anniversary of the Polytechnic Institute was held at Youth Palace of Karaganda State Technical University “Zhastar Alemi”. Every year, geologists celebrate their professional holiday on the first Sunday of April.

The forum was attended by geologists of different generations: the head of the state institution “Interregional Department” Tsentrkaznedra” of the Committee of Geology and subsoil use, Candidate of Technical Sciences Azamat Zhenisovich Shalabayev, Acting Head of SE “Department of industry and industrial-innovative development of Karaganda region” Kairat Gosmanovich Shormanbayev, chief engineer of “Andreychenko” LLP, overachiever, Honorable subsoil prospector Beibitshilik Kadirovich Izakov, KSTU graduate, Director of the GGC “Azimuth Geology” Rakhat Kuzembayevich Mustafin, Director of the Regional branch of the “Tsentrgeologia”, Kazgeologiya JSC, overachiever of subsoil prospecting Talgat Voennovich Matishev, teachers and students of the Department “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” of Mining Department.

In their speeches, the guests and participants of the Forum noted the relevance of such events, especially in the framework of the implementation of the President’s Address “New opportunities for development in the fourth industrial revolution”, Concept of development of the geological industry until 2030.

Our university KSTU makes significant and decisive contribution in the training of qualified personnel for geological and geophysical enterprises, organizations: more than 4.5 thousand graduates (engineers, geophysicists, bachelors, masters of Geology), educated by Department of GEMD, work in almost all regions of our country.

During the Forum, the ceremony of awarding the best geologists of the region, geologists for their achievements in their profession, contribution to the development of the geological industry and strengthening the mineral resource base of the country: badges of the Ministry of investment and development of Kazakhstan, Committee of Geology and subsoil use of Kazakhstan, Association of industrial geological enterprises — “Discoverer of the Deposit RK”, “Honorary prospector of the subsoil”, “Excellent prospector of the subsoil”, “For loyalty to the profession”, Diploma and letter of gratitude of the Minister for investment and development of RK, Akim of the region, letter of gratitude of the Chairman of the Committee of Geology, head of TD “Tsentrkaznedra”, diploma of the rector of KSTU.

The Forum ended with a friendly football match among the teams of the Committee of Geology and subsoil use of the RK, “Tsentrgeolsemka” LLP, “Tsentrkaznedra” TD, “Azimut Geology” GGC,  “Kazgeology” JSC and KSTU national team, which included both teachers and students.

The regional Olympiad on Geology

On March 1, 2018 the Department of Geology and exploration of mineral deposits together with the Department of education of Karaganda, within the framework of career guidance held the regional Olympiad in Geology among pupils of 10-11 grades of schools of Karaganda. 49 pupils from 27 schools took part in the Olympiad.

According to the results of the Olympiad prizes were won by the following students:

1st place: Shubanbekov Aybar – student 11klassa school No 63;

2nd place: Olga Uskova-the schoolgirl of the 11th grade secondary school  №23;

Kim mark-pupil of the 10th grade of gymnasium № 97;

3 place: -Batuk Gleb – the pupil of 11 class of school-Lyceum №101;

Katkov, Jan – 11th-form pupil of school-Lyceum No 9;

Nurambekova Aruzhan – the schoolgirl of the 10th class school №2.

All participants of the Olympiad were awarded certificates of participation, and the winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts. For active participation in preparation of school students for the Olympic games teachers of schools were awarded diplomas.


The guests of the event were: Ruslan Telegin-Advisor to akim of Karaganda, S. F. Klevtsov-member of the sagging club stone lovers “Ashirit”, p. S. Lomakin – member of the club “Ashirit”, artist, poet and singer.  The guests presented their collections of minerals and rocks, read poems, acquainted students with interesting geological objects of the region. The guests were offered stands with photographs of samples of minerals “club stone lovers “Ashirit”, with fragments of the field life of geologists.

The urban program of the seminar “Development of interest of pupils to vocational training through prepodavanie geography”