Knowledge Day

September 1, 2013 on the square in front of the Main building of the University was held a festive event devoted to Knowledge Day.

The celebration was attended by the Rector of KSTU Gazaliyev A.M., first Vice-rector Issagulov A.Z., Vice-rector for AA Egorov V.V., Vice-rector for EA Baizhabaginova G.A. There were  invited guests: Drizhd N.A. holder of the orders of Lenin and Red banner of Labour, twice Winner of the State prize, a holder of a sign Mminer’s glory»,

Professor, honoured miner of Kazakhstan, Samoikyuk Т.Ph. the Chairman of Regional trade Union of workers of education and science, Ponomareva S.G.-veteran of the Great Patriotic war; classmates of the President of RK Sarekenov K.Z., Suleimenov T.I, Nikonov V.A., Тoleubayev E.I.; members of the Corporate University-Akbaev T.A., Lee D.N.; representatives of the Alumni Association, student of group RET-11-4 (ITEA) – Akhmetzhanov D.Kh., activists of trade Union of students «Zhas Orda».

Solemn speech of the Rector of KSTU Gazaliyev A.M.
Solemn speech of the Rector of KSTU Gazaliyev A.M.


Rector of KSTU Gazaliyev A.M. with groupmates of the President of RK Suleimenov T.I. and Sarekenov K.Z.
Freshmen of KSTU

After solemn part was held a festive concert organized by students of KSTU. Commencement speech of Rector of University Gazaliyev A.M.