New Year fairytale

Each of us wants to see and feel the magic! In the new year, the volunteers of the Youth charitable organization ‘Akniet’ at KSTU give the magic to children with disabilities!

On 27 December, annual charity event ‘Letter to Santa’ has ended, through which children got lots of magic and joy.

The purpose of this action is to collect the gifts for children with disabilities from all over the city. The action took place in three stages. During the first stage the volunteers received a list from Department of education, visited a home for children and helped write letters to Santa. In the second stage, the volunteers together with the students and residents of the city realized the children’s letters in desired gifts. In the third stage, the volunteers transported the gifts to children during two days across Karaganda. From the city, Mikhailovka, Maikuduk and Prishakhtinsk, each child received a gift personally from the hands of Santa Claus. The gifts were different: from soft toys and construction kits to tablets and laptops!

Volunteers of ‘Akniet’ YCO during the campaign turned into beautiful fairy-tale characters. Imagine, Santa Claus and Snow maiden come with a gift to a child! After all, we all believe in Santa Claus and expect a gift from him in the childhood. A child’s hope and faith is the most pure and sincere.

To see the smile, the happiness, the joy of children when they unwrap the gift and start to hug and thank Santa Claus is priceless. After such emotions you believe in magic more and more.

The volunteers made happy both children and many residents of Karaganda, with their marvelous outfits. Everyone can do a little miracle around him, and thereby to please other people.

Daniyar Tussupbekov

Deputy Chairman of ‘Akniet’ YCO

KSTU student