“Наурызым-берекем” literary and musical evening

March 16, 2022 At 17.00, a literary and musical evening dedicated to the Nauryz holiday “ Наурызым-берекем” took place.

Purpose: To give students an idea of ​​the great holiday of Nauryz;

spread among the youth traditions, songs and kyui, the noble heritage of the Kazakh people;

educate patriotism, respect for the native language and traditions.

The literary and musical evening was attended by teachers of the Department of the Kazakh language and culture, head of the Research Institute of Patriotic Education Bushmanova B.A., students of groups: МВ-21-1, СИБ-21-3, Лог-21-1, ОПИ-21-2, ТЭ-21-1 and students of the College of Innovative Technologies.

During the literary and musical evening, students read poems about Nauryz, sang kyui, sang songs, got acquainted with the traditions and national games of the Kazakh people, answered quiz questions, watched videos about Nauryz.

Organizers: senior teachers of the department K.T. Baipelova G.S., Abylkasov G.M., Konurova N.A.