Nauryz – spring holiday

Nauryz is a holiday of spring and renewal. Every year, the Nauryz holiday becomes a long-awaited common holiday of all peoples living in our country. On this day, our people set a rich table, greeted each other in a bright mood, tasted food, talked about the past, wished health and prosperity to all people, and blessed the youth.

Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, in his article “Independence above all,” stated that the content of the Nauryz holiday should be further enriched. Also, our main goal is to popularize national culture, promote the revival of national identity, and educate a generation of patriots and statesmen who have absorbed national values. At the same time, it is very important to modernize our national values ​​and traditions.

On March 19, 2024, the teaching staff of the Department of Higher Mathematics and students of groups TT-23-2, TT-23-2s, OP-23-1, OP-23-2s celebrated the Nauryz holiday. (Number of participating students – 40). Students presented their creativity at the festive event. Creative competitions were held among students: a kui competition and a song competition. Competitions were held in Kazakh national sports: kol kuresi (arm wrestling), asyk atu. Based on the results of the competition, the following prizes were determined.

According to the results of the state competition: 1st place student of group IS-23-1 Malikov M. (supervisor: PhD, aga okytushy Kasymova L.Zh.), 2nd place student of group AiU-23-2 Samatov D. (supervisor: Ph.D. ., acting associate professor Shaikhova G.S.), 3rd place was taken by students of groups ND-23-1 and AiU-23-1: Tanirbergen A. and Zhauken A. (supervisors: PhD, senior teacher Tuleutaeva Zh.M. , teacher Amanzholov S.M.).

According to the results of the arm wrestling competition: 1st place, student of group GD-23-3 Kaini E. (supervisor: teacher Bekmagambetova E.K.), 2nd place student of group GD-23-2 Taimukhanbet E. (supervisor: Ph.D. , senior teacher Akhmetov K.M.), 3rd place student of the Mash-23-2 group Zakharchenko A.V. (scientific supervisor: Ph.D., acting associate professor Abaeva N.F.).

Asyk atu results: Alibekov A., student of group VT-23-1, took 1st place. (scientific supervisor: Ph.D., acting associate professor V.V. Zhurov), 2nd place student of group ND-23-1 A. Bakishev (supervisor: senior teacher A.Zh. Mergembaeva), 3rd place student group PSK-23-2 Ten K. (scientific supervisor: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Mustafina L.M.).

Following the results of the song competition Erezhep Aidany (head: teacher Kabieva G.K.), a student of group MD-23-2 gave a festive mood. Students and department staff who arrived for the holiday tried the “Nauryz-kozhe” soup. The festive table was set and blessings were given. Kazakh national dishes were served on the festive table.