16.03.2024  In the ethnographic museum of the Department of Kazakh Language and Culture “NAO” Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov, under the leadership of the acting head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Culture, Ph.D., associate professor Khamzina K. M., senior teachers Khasen M. A., Abilkasov G. M., a festive literary and musical evening “Nauryz-kut, bereke bastauy”.  The literary and musical event was attended by members of the “Ulttyk tarbieh tagylymy” circle: Batyrshaev Amirkhan AiU-23-3, Malikov Maral, Akhmetova Tolganai SIB-22-2, Bestembek Almas AiU-23-3, Dautova Saida ARCH-23-6, Mammadova Emina ARCH-23-6 and talented students Ernat Amanzhol and Yerbolat Murat of our University. In honor of the Nauryz holiday, the reciters performed, as well as musical works by famous Kazakh composers Kurmangazy Sagyrbayly “Balbirauyn”, “Saryarka”, Tattimbet Kazangapuly “Saryzhailau”, “Kokeikesti”, Nurgis Tilendiev “Akku”, “Alkissa” and popular Kazakh composers Shamshi Kaldayakova, Eskendir Khasangalieva, Ilia Zhakanova as well as songs by Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov and Elena Abdikhalykova.

During this cultural and leisure event, students VT-23-1 groups :Alibekov Alain and Makarenko Nikita told about the Kazakh national games “Asyk ata” and “Kokpar”, giving interesting facts about them. The guests who came to the event expressed their great gratitude to the organizers and participants.