Nauryz in Karaganda

Nauryz is widely celebrated in Karaganda. This holiday is rooted in the deep past, it is one of the most international and kind holidays in our calendar. It does not stain with national, religious and political spectrum. And, as always, city officials and volunteers have tried to make this day memorable to our fellow citizens with the whole kaleidoscope of pleasant and bright emotions.

The yurts from each enterprise, organization, institution was set on Kaskad Square of the central park in our area. And, although the weather did not please those who came this day to the waterfront of Central lake, each of the organizers tried their best to warm the souls of Karaganda people.

As always, our University tried to do their best: in the morning, the students of KSTU delighted the guests and residents of the city with concert – fiery Spanish, Indian, Kazakh dances, instrumental solo performances on kobyz and dombra, beautiful songs; field kitchen was organized as well, which gave free hot soldier’s porridge – buckwheat with stewed meat. It relished everyone who tasted it plain, but no less favorite dish. All the team tasted more than 600 servings of this delicacy.

Also, as always, a fair of sweets and traditional national dishes was organized for guests. All who came that day to the Central park got a lot of pleasant emotions. Perhaps no one left Kaskad square without getting exactly what they expect from this event.