Scientific-practical competition-conferences “Turkic world: Kultegin zhyry-Dastan of the great steppe”

KSU “Kogamdyk kelisim” apparatus o akim of Karaganda region on may 21 held a scientific-practical competition conference “Nazarbayev Alemi: Kultegin lullaby-Uly Dala epics”, where  the student of 1 course KIT KSTU Sirgi Anastasia participated and  has took 2nd place. The prize fund amounted of 30,000 tenge. The competition consisted of  3 stages, 50 participants from all over the region and was held in the state language.

Anastasia passed  the second qualifying round of the read by heart a passage from section 10 of the poem “Kultegin” and thus struck the jury of the ability of proficiency in the state language and the sensual emotion of this poem.