Mussina Gulnaz Nurgaliyevna


Mussina Gulnaz Nurgaliyevna was born 23 June 1971, a native of North Kazakhstan region, Petropavlovsk, Kazakh. In 1996, she graduated from school № 19, Temirtau and entered Chemical-Mechanical College of Temirtau and was qualified as the chemist-technologist. In 1990, she entered Karaganda Metallurgical Institute and in 1995, she graduated from it majoring in “Chemical technology of organic substances”.

In September 1995, after graduation she was employed as an assistant of Department “Technology of chemical production” in Karaganda Metallurgical Institute. In 1997, she was transferred as an intern researcher in the same department. In 2003, she was appointed to the position of Vice-rector for Administrative work and in the same year she entered graduate program of E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University. In 2008, she successfully defended her thesis and received the degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences.

She is actively engaged in research work, the head of the state budgetary projects, she has a number of publications that have scientific novelty and practical value.

She is also a member of Temirtau maslikhat, chairman of the commission on anticorruption, member of the regional committee in the direction “Education” of Karaganda region.

Currently she is the chief of rector’s office of Karaganda State Technical University, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, professor.

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