Musical competition “Қазақ мәдениетінің жаңа үлгісі”

Musical competition «Қазақ мәдениетінің жаңа үлгісі»

Within the framework of the year of youth, for the purpose of patriotic education, on February 14, 2019, at the curatorial hour of the Department of Higher Mathematics, a musical competition was held between students of the TO-18s and TT-18s groups on the theme: “Қазақ мәдениетінің жаңа үлгісі”.

Group curators Shegebaeva G.E. and Mergembaeva A.Zh. together with students prepared a presentation on this topic, about many, now forgotten national Kazakh instruments such as dombyra, kobyz, kylkobyz, zhetigen, sazzyrnai.

The students rediscovered the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people and drew an analogy between ancient and modern musical instruments.

During the musical competition between the groups, a contest called “Guess the melody” was held, where popular Kazakh pop songs and modern arrangements of the melodies of past years were performed.

This curatorial hour was attended by a member of the council of aksakals, a professor in the department of higher mathematics, Adilbek N.A. and senior curator of the department, senior teacher Alimova B.Sh.