“A multilingualism as one of priorities of modern education in RK: problems and prospects”.

Within implementation of the “Ruhani Jangyru” program, the subprogramme “Tarbie jane bilim” (The basic direction “Sanaly azamat”) the teachers of ”Foreign languages department” held an educational event for the 1st course students “A multilingualism as one of priorities of modern education in RK: problems and prospects” at the Karaganda State Technical University at 10:55-12:40 in classroom 611 on October 31.

The event has been held in a format of a debate.

Debate is a formal method of conducting a dispute at which the parties interact with each other, representing certain points of view, with the purpose to convince the third party (the audience, judges, etc.), the American Parliamentary Format became a subformat of the developed game.

Feature of a debate was in holding it in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The principle of modernization directed to growth of students’ competitiveness was conceptual.

The aims of the event were the following:

to create an active civic position of the competitive expert;

to develop skills of critical and logical thinking, debating;

to train in oratory, rhetoric, ability to state own position, to build own thoughts in the harmonious concept, contras to reason and disprove;

to develop the polycultural personality capable of social and professional self-determination knowing history and the tradition of the people seeking for self-development and self-improvement.

Organizers and responsible for the event were: the Head of the Foreign languages department, an associate professor, Candidate of pedagogical Sciencews Jantasova D.D., teachers Makhmetova M.K., Zhdanova E.A., Sagadiyeva K.K., Izotova A. S., Botayeva A.U.

Accomplishment indicator: acquisition of new humanitarian knowledge, increase the knowledge of foreign and native languages. A debate has shown high level of training of students, also organization of this event and desire of participants to show all skills which have been acquired during training.

The conceptual principle is a principle of cross-cultural communication, modernization, orientation on growth of students’ competitiveness.