Mr. and Miss KSTU– 2017

17 April, “Mister and Miss KSTU-2017” contest devoted to “Kozy-Korpesh– Bayan Sulu” day was held in the palace of Miners. That event gave a great opportunity for University students to share happiness and beauty with each other.

Tencouples who had passed a difficult selection of their faculties’ competitions, came on the scene of Palace of Culture of miners.







Rector of KSTU Marat Ibatov said: “Student time is not only the time of research, seminars, lectures, it is a period of life when a person needs to enjoy life in all its manifestations and to develop in all…Besides spring itself brings us a romantic feeling and makes harder to see the beauty. So I extremely pleased to open this evening”.

The participants competed in singing, dancing, eloquence, defile. In the end, the winners were:

Mr. and Miss KSTU – Sultan Suikimbek and Sara Nurzhan (ACF);

  • Vice Mr. Vice-miss – Meyrim Khudaiberdiyev and Madiana Spanbetova (MF)
  • Vice Mr. Vice-miss –Elnur Akashev and Nuray Kutzhanova (TRF).

They were presented with silver jewelry, certificates for training in the Model Agency “ArtLine” and gift certificates from sponsors.

Other participants received awards in various categories. Nobody left the event without prizes.