«Mr. and Miss MI-2013»

On March 29, 2013, at 15:00, in the cinema «Saryzhailau» was  held a contest «Mr. and Miss of Machine building Institute», devoted to the 60 anniversary of KSTU

The main purpose of the event was the revealing of talented and intellectually gifted students of Machine building Institute and organization of cultural leisure for University’s students.

Organizers of the event were Students trade union of KSTU «Zhas Orda», Trade-Union Bureau of Machine building Institute.

Contest was held in 3 rounds:

– a qualifying round (February 22, 2013);

– photo-battle, voting in group «Trade-Union Bureau of Machine building Institute» Vkontakte (from March 19 to 29, 2013);

– final round (29 March 2013).

10 students took part in the contest – 5 girls and 5 boys. Participants were to carry out the following tasks:
– visiting card;
– talents contest;
– intellectual competition;
– defile competition.

During the competition participants expressed their intellectual, creative abilities and proved jury of the event, that they deserve the title of «Miss and Mister of Machine building Institute».

Winners of the contest:
«Miss MI-2013» – Toleukhanova Zhuldyz, gr.MV-12-1;
«Mr. MI-2013» – Akhmediyanov Sagyndyk, gr. MET-12-1;
«Vice-miss MI-2013» – Galeyeva Venus, gr. MV-12-3;
«Vice-Mr. MI -2013» – Kylyshbayev Zhanbolat, gr. MASH-12-1P;
«Miss grace» – Syrymova Malika, gr. MASH-11-5;
«Mister elegance» – Askap Ratbek, gr. MET-12-3;
«Miss gallantry» – Koshanova Akerke, gr. MET-12-2;

«Mr. ovation» – Myrzakov Bauyrzhan, gr. MET-11-4;
«Miss charm» – Moldakhmet Ulbosyn, gr. MET-12-3;
«Mr. attractiveness» – Kantayev Ardak, gr. MASH-12-1P.
The partners of this event are cinema «saryzhailau», photo studio «Aura», model agency «Dina G models».
мисс и мистер им