Roundtable discussion on the topic: “Slagheap valley -Innovative training approaches in engineering education”

On November 13, 2018 in a conference hall of the Karaganda state technical university the scientific and methodical roundtable discussion for teachers and undergraduates of Software department took place.

The roundtable discussion was organized and held by Software department together with the foreign scientist invited in the university: Doctor of Engineering, professor Irina Yu. Petrova, the first vice rector of the Astrakhan State Architectural and Construction University (Astrakhan, Russia).

Roundtable discussion topic: “Modernization of curricula in according with CDIO concept. Irina Yu. Petrova told about the large international project “CDIO Initiative” in detail and about experience of introduction CDIO standards (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate at Astrakhan higher education institutions.

The CDIO initiative is the large international project on reforming of basic engineering education begun in October, 2000 in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, the USA) with participation of scientists, teachers and representatives of the industry.

The purpose of this initiative is reduction the contents and effectiveness of engineering educational programs in compliance with the level of development of modern technologies and expectations of employers. Use of CDIO standards allows building in a new way the system of the educational process based on continuous activation of educational activity of students through the complex cross-disciplinary projects.

Participants of the roundtable discussion actively expressed personal opinion on an irreconcilable contradiction between two growing requirements of the higher education:

– On the one hand, constantly increasing base of technical knowledge which the graduate of the university has to possess.

– On the other hand, the graduate of the technical university has to have a number of abilities, knowledge and skills which would allow one to work in real engineering teams, to make the real products and systems which meet requirements of the enterprise and society.

At the end of the roundtable discussion the business game was held. Teachers of department and undergraduates were divided into 3 teams. Each team carried out the assessment of the list the general and professional competences on importance and level of implementation of educational process of KarSTU. Leaders of teams reported about results.

Business game allowed defining 5 most important general and professional competences that will be used further by the staff of department for the effective organization of educational process.