Model of SCO University

The concept of SCO university
Contact data of head (Basic) USCO University
Model of SCO University
Study scheme at SCO University
Administration system of SCO University
Financial basis of SCO University’s functioning
Main stages of creation of SCO University

Training of high qualified personnel must be implemented on the following kinds of educational programmes:

• preparatory language courses;
• Bachelor degree (4 years);
• MSC (2 years);
•postgraduate education  (3 years), provided by bilateral agreements;
• doctoral studies (3 years);
• qualification improvement programme, professional training, distance and part-time education.

Main languages of teaching in within the scope of SCO University will be state language of the country of location and/or official languages of SCO – Russian and Chinese.
General scheme of interaction, control and decision-making within SCO University must comply with the arrangements which operate in  SCO. A model of SCO University should be based on interaction of the universities of SCO member States, which are basic (head) universities on relevant fields of training in own country. SCO University must be a kind of «umbrella», under auspices and with support of which will be carried out scientific and educational cooperation. Task of head universities is in gradual harmonization of programmes of post-graduate students, masters and bachelors, implemented in the framework of the educational standards of countries, with a view to the establishment of common training programmes of the SCO University on relevant fields of training.

Cooperation of universities within the scope of SCO University is advisable to begin with the creation of a joint postgraduate programmes, which are less formal. The next element of joint educational space should become a joint MS’C, share of the higher education component of which is more than in bachelor programmes. Studying bachelor’s degree, student will have opportunity to get a proper level language preparation for further study in MS’C of SCO University without loss of time allocated for study of language. Work on coordination training programmes of masters and bachelors of SCO University should start with the first stage of the project and implemented as mutually agreed sections. Activities within the scope of  SCO University should start with work on several priority directions in the field of natural and Humanitarian Sciences and practice of methodology, to expand to other areas of training. SCO University must be open for  new Universities  and creation of new joint programmes for training.
Proceeding from the interests of the SCO member states it is expedient at the first stage of formation of  University to introduce the following directions of training: Regional Studies, Ecology, Power Engineering, IT-technologies. In the future at the agreed educational institutions of States-participants will be introduced other direction and updated set of professions.