«Mirjakyp». Oyan, Kazakh»

3.10. 2023 Senior teacher of the department Sh.M Temirzhanova and students of the Met-23-1, ST-23-1 and MASH-23-1 groups visited the film «Mirjakyp».Oyan, Kazakh» is a feature film about Mirzhakip Dulatuly. The film was released in Kazakhstan in September 2023. Filming of the historical work took place in the Almaty region, the city of Almaty, in the homeland of Mirzhakip, Kostanay region. The period of life of the figure Alash Mirzhakip Dulatuly in 1909-1935 is covered.Mirjakyp “Wake up, Kazakh!” publishing a book, writing the novel “Bakytsyz Jamal”, social and political activities in the post-revolutionary years, during the famine, years in the famous Butyrka prison in Kyzylorda, Semipalatinsk, Moscow and a love story with his soul mate Gainizhamal