Military-patriotic education of youth in modern conditions

Resolution of the Parties “round table”

“Military-patriotic education of youth in modern conditions”

October 27, 2011 in Karaganda State Technical University held a “round table” on the subject: “Military-patriotic education of youth in modern conditions.” In the “round table” was attended by members of the military-patriotic club “Otan”, a student of the course KSTU, as well as students of the school № 5, and school-lyceum № 101.

In the course of the event had the following objectives: the main directions of patriotic education, identified and dealt with the sharpest and brightest issues instilling patriotism in modern terms, listened to the reports, focusing on the most appropriate and effective ways to address them, discuss the problem of patriotic education of students and students.

1. At the end of the round table participants made the following recommendations on the activities of military-patriotic club “Otan”:
To intensify patriotic character in schools, universities and public organizations:
Develop a program of military-patriotic education of youth.
Create a mechanism to ensure effective functioning of the military-patriotic education.
Distinguish between the concept of “patriotism” and “nationalism” through schools, universities, public organizations of various conferences, “round tables”, the realization of social and cultural projects on the above issues.
Organize open curatorial watch on the “Military-patriotic education in modern conditions” in order to use the content foundation for the education of supervisory hours of spiritual culture of the students.

PROGRAM “Round Tables” on theme:
“Military-patriotic education of youth in modern conditions”
October 27, 2011 in Karaganda

15.30-17.00 hours KSTU, Meeting
Moderator – Dosmaganbetoav AK, E-08-4.
15.00-15.30 Registration of participants of “round table”
15.30-15.35 Tyuiii VT – Director of VTI.
Greeting the round table participants.
15.35-15.45 Patsalyuk Colonel V. – Senior Lecturer, VC
“The relevance of military-patriotic education.”
15.45-15.55 Major A. Kovtun – Lecturer in the VC.
“Service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”
15.55-16.05 Patsalyuk Colonel V. – Senior Lecturer, VC.
“The experience of military-patriotic education for the VC.”
16.05-16.15 Discussion of problems.
16.15-16.25 Exchange of opinions.
16.25-16.35 Adoption of a resolution “round table”.