International festival of friendship in social networks “Student youth is the flagship of science and education»

On November 25-28 2019 the faculty of the Department of Russian language and culture held an international festival of friendship in social networks “Student youth is the flagship of science and education»


The event was attended by 2 teams of students of KSTU and Orsk humanitarian and technological Institute (OSU branch, Russia). Communication of students is carried out through social networks, which created a chat Vkontakte under the logo of the festival. Students gladly responded and amicably immersed in an active environment of social life and once again proved that modern technology allows learning to be an intensive Roble. The total number of participants from both educational institutions is 100 people.


1st day-Literary and poetic flashmob (participants of our University and OGTI think in advance and prepare their flashmob on a free topic, duration-3 minutes)

The 2nd day was to present two traditions of its people (video production by the students of the University and ogti). Students guess and name these traditions, and if possible should explain their meaning.

3rd day-recitation of any famous poem of the Russian poet translated into English. Students guess the work, after which each party must recite it in Russian.

4th day-summing up the festival and exchange of impressions.

The event resulted in cultural enrichment and a new University in the Treasury of international cooperation of our University. The most active students:

  • Baitov Of Saratov Gleb;
  • Bekbasarova Aru;
  • Burtseva Polina;
  • Busygin Victor;
  • Anastasia Bykova;
  • Vlasov Pavel;
  • Elfimova Antonina;
  • Epaneshnikova Maria;
  • Zhumagulova Karina;
  • Zhurlova Danaya;
  • Chicken Saniya;
  • Shabanbai Sangan;
  • Tolegenov Arman;
  • Tazhibai Laura;
  • Serikhan Beksultan;
  • Salova Olga;
  • Diana Rakhimbekova;
  • Oblacenja Xenia;
  • Nugman Nurali;
  • Nabatova Anastasia –

they were awarded certificates of activists.