The international cooperation

Teachers of the department “Russian language and culture” in the framework of the program “International cooperation” sent 2 articles to the Collection of materials of the International (XX All-Russian) scientific-technical conference “State and prospects of development of electrical and heat technology” (Benardos readings):

1) “Creative self-realization of students in the process of learning languages ​​in a technical college,” by the authors Ospanova, B. R., Kasenova, N. A., Aldynazarova, R.M .;

2) “The use of tests for intermediate and final control in teaching the Russian language” authors S. Baymamyrova, A. Yu. Kishenova, A. Tusupbekova The collection will be released in June 2019. The scientific article “Peculiarities of the formation of professional and general cultural competencies of technical university students” was sent by authors Ospanova B.R., Kasenova N.A., Tyurinoi S.Yu. (IPEU).