Methodological support

Education of students is conducted in two parts – internal and correspondence. The main contingent of students of correspondence courses – Workers of Regional Directorate of Telecommunications Branch of KazakhTelecom. Partners of faculty in the organization of summer work and externship are the following companies: KazakhTelecom LLP, Cartel, Ltd. Kazakhmys Corporation, RSE feed them. Satpayev, JS Nursat, COF RTRK JSC “Kazakhstan”, JSC “Channel Five” KRTSU “Energoinform LLP, Telecom Asia,” MTU “Quartz”, Karaganda directorate of television JSC Kazteleradio, UPTS AP JS ArcelorMittal Temirtau, LLP Digikomm Kazakhstan “, JSC” Kazchermetavtomatika, Karaganda signaling and communication (railway).

A cooperation agreement with LLC “cartel” was signed for the installation of the existing base station equipment of GSM in KSTU, provides the use of this equipment in the learning process.

Laboratory facilities of the Department consists of 5 laboratories: computer technology, communications, communications systems, telecommunications, basic of electronics and electrical measurements. Laboratory communication systems equipped with digital switching equipment – digital telephone exchanges Proton – SSS series of “Diamond” and “Vector”. In the laboratory, established telecommunications training local area network (LAN) on 10 jobs for digital PBX, and the possibility of accessing the Internet. Each workstation is equipped with a digital terminal, the software “module operator serves for monitoring, control and diagnosis of digital switching system, and the program« Loader 85 “- to configure the stations.

In the process of teaching and laboratory department uses modern software tools, among which there are specialized, such as:
– «System View» – the simulator of communication channels;

– «GPSS – World» – for simulation of queuing systems;

– «MMANA» and «SINTEZ» – for the design of antenna structures;

– «P-CAD» – for the design of radio-electronic means.

In November 2007, entered into a collective action with the radio call sign U07P. Currently, conducted more than 600 telecommunications, including participation in international competitions. Collective radio is used for research and educational purposes. In the future conduct of cosmic QSO with the International Space Station ISS.

The time required for the control and I hope, a landmark of its results for the full-time students and students in remote technology