Sagadiyev asked not to worry on the transition to the Latin alphabet

Sagadiyev asked not to worry on the transition to the Latin alphabet, it has become a stumbling block to the supporters of modernization and its skeptics. If the seconds hold up the concept of “cultural identity” as an argument “for”, the firsts ask “Does Kazakhstan separate from the Russian world?”.

“I would not comment on these issues, I don’t think these issues are connected” — Yerlan Sagadiyev said in an interview with reporters.

Kazakhstan people have to learn Latin alphabet up to 2025. The Minister of Education and Science said that the training schools to the new format and other necessary measures will begin only after the consultations and consideration of experts’ opinion.

“I’m unable to speak on terms. I think that some testing and scientific expertise need to be done” Yerlan Sagadiyev said.

Another important process is the transition to trilingual education, according to Sagadiyev’s meeting also will be held according to the plan.

“We have teaching English in 10-11 forms in the state program. The program has the force of law, so we will continue to work. It is not necessary to worry about it”, — Yerlan Sagadiyev told reporters.


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