Events of 2011-2012 academic year

Events of 2011-2012 academic year

Events of youth charitable organization “Akniet” for 2011-2012 academic year


During the half year actively continued work of the youth charitable organization “Akniet”. During the term there was held collection and sorting of clothes and toys for poor families, children’s home; visits to children’s home by moderators with the group of volunteers  with developing programmes; took participation in game actions of project “Oiyn bas”.

In September volunteers of YCO “Akniet” took participation in the Republican action “Way to school”. During action at KSTU was collected a big number of stationery: copy-books, pencils, pens, felt pens, exercise-books and many other things. These means are gathered by students, trade union “Zhas Orda” and the faculty. All collected means were given in solemn ceremony, with representatives of Department on protection of children’s rights of Karaganda region to children from poor families applied to Department. After solemn part children got acquainted with each other and had tea.

In the beginning of October in the hall of main building of KSTU was held Informational flash-mob. The objective of the action was to attract new volunteers into the ranks of “Akniet”, propaganda of volunteering and charity.

In October the first time at KSTU volunteers of YCO “Akniet” held action “Let’s prepare winter root cellar”. The objective of the action: to collect harvest from the autumn kitchen garden, also warm clothes for residents of disabled and elderly home “Mercy”. Collected products and clothes were given to inhabitants of “Mercy” during small concert in their honour.

In advance of «International Day for the Elderly» volunteers of KSTU visited veterans, who were former employees of KSTU. Also volunteers went to home for elderly and disabled «Mercy» to say the words of gratitude to pensioners and give small gifts.

November 16 – World Tolerance Day in conference hall of the main building of KSTU was held a round table on theme: “Tolerance as the basis of decency and mercy”. During the round table students of KSTU, pupils of schools, representatives of DPCR of Karaganda region discussed issues of mercy and tolerance in the modern world. Summing up the results of the round table participants made a resolution.

November 18 in the Youth centre of KSTU was organized and held traditional Autumn ball for foster-children of children’s homes “Tansholpan”, “Asem”, “NODA”. Children enjoyed entertaining programme with songs, dances, contests. Queen and king were chosen from the number of children during the event; at the end of the evening airship was blown up to the air.

On November 18, World day of the child in the Youth centre of KSTU was held event organized with representatives of DPCR. In the course of which was showed a fragment of the film «Invisible children», presented initiatives of the Department in the field of protection children’s rights And legal interests as well as the master-class of origami from the courtyard of the club «Rovesnik». The event was attended by students of KSTU and pupils of Karaganda.

On December 5 participants YCO “Akniet” organized and held events dedicated to World Volunteers Day. During this event was held informational flash-mob in the streets of city with distribution of calendars, propaganda of good. Volunteering initiatives were presented to pupils and participants of “Akniet” were given gratitude letters, personal books of volunteers.

Within the scope of the 20-th anniversary of Independence of the RK among children from children’s homes of Karaganda were organized and conducted a series of intellectual games «Erudite» (games «What? Where? When?» and «Leader of the 21st century»). Children from six children’s homes of Karaganda and region took participation in this event. The winners were awarded with valuable gifts.

On the eve of New year volunteers of the KSTU and employees of DPCR organized the action « Letter to Santa Claus». 55 children from poor and foster families of Karaganda wrote letters to fabulous magician. January 5 collected gifts were given to children during the performance of PCY acting company. February 24 under the auspices of republican action “You and your rights” for children from boarding-school NODA was held quiz “I have a right”, the aim of which was to familiarize children with the main rules in the game form. Event passed in funny, relaxed atmosphere and gave many positive emotions to all its participants.

In advance of International Women’s Day volunteers of KSTU went to elderly and disabled home “Mercy”, were congratulated on women of this establishment with concert programme and sweet treats. It was gratifying to see how students were met and students also visit old people with great pleasure.

April 10 was held training for pupils of Karaganda with the aim of popularization of kind will and mercy. Pupils were told the basis of game form of work with children and history of “Akniet” organization. 15 pupils took participation in training, who further will distribute ideas of volunteering among own peers.

During May 5-8 within the scope of international volunteering exchange our university was visited by students of Chelyabinsk state academy of culture and art. Training on theme “Basics of the work of Youth charitable organization “Akniet”” was held for students, where they got acquainted with game forms of work and projects realized by volunteers of KSTU; visited “SOS Children’s village of Temirtau”, got acquainted with “Oiyn bas” team. Also students attended excursions by KSTU and Karaganda, visited show “Mr.KSTU – 2012”. We have planned joint volunteering projects for the next year.

Also in May Akniet volunteers held traditional charitable concert. Means received from the performance were spent to buy stationery and toys for children from boarding-school NODA.

Students of our University were in role of volunteers at organization of municipal action due to  Children’s Protection day and actions within the scope of closure of National Informational campaign against exploitation of children’s labour.

In the beginning of August started action “Way to school” in all Kazakhstan, the aim of which was to show financial assistance in the form of school supplies for children from low-income, poor families and orphans.

Those who desire to take participation in this action, please contact Department of youth policy of KSTU (building of Youth Palace) or by phone: 87009609770.

Here you can bring stationery or to know any information on this action. Results of the action will be summed up at the end of September.