Meetings of Professional guidance center with the aim of promotion of schools graduates in Abay, 6 December 2016

On 6 December 2016, at 9:00 Professional guidance center held meetings in Abay with the promoting aim for graduates.

1. Kyzyrov Kairulla Beisenbayevich – Professor of the Department ‘Energy systems’;

2. Dean of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies – Tomilova Nadezhda Ivanovna;

3. Head of the Department ‘Innovative Technology of communication systems’ — Ogay Vyacheslav Viktorovich;

4. Deputy Dean of the Mining faculty – Rabatuly Mukhamedrakhym Rabinovich;

5. Director of the Professional guidance center– Тussupova Gulzat Aliyevna;

6. The representative of Trade Union of students and undergraduates ‘Zhas Orda’ — Kaliyev Nur Zhomartovich delivered their speech;

A small concert program by members of creative teams was presented later:

1. Nygyzhan Nurdaulet – ‘Men seni kaladym’, ‘Love has come’;

2. Anuarbekov Kuanyshbek – ‘Gray night’, ‘Komarovo’.