Meeting with the clergy

On October 2, 2023, in the dormitory No. 3 there took place a meeting with the Naib imam of the Karaganda city mosque Al-Mashani Ermakhan Oralbai Adilbekovich. During the meeting, Oralbai Adilbekovich spoke about theists, Wahhabis, Salafists who mislead people, how they should be distinguished from the point of view of religion. The students were told that the religion followed by the Kazakh people along with their traditions is on the path of the Prophet. In addition, the senior lecturer of the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”, Master of Phylology Tussupbekov Zharkyn Amantayevich gave examples of various situations occurring in life and told students a story that makes us think.

On October 4, 2023, a meeting with theologian Uakasov Madiyar Meirzhanovich took place in the dormitory “House of Students”. The meeting was attended by religious theologian Sagitova Elmira Zhanatovna, senior lecturer of the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”, and Master of Phylology Tussupbekov Zharkyn Amantayevich. During the meeting, Madiyar Meirzhanovich spoke about the nature of non-traditional religious movements, how alien religious movements poison a person’s consciousness and how to get rid of these temptations, urged students to be wary of alien religious movements. He urged young people to combine traditions and religion, not getting carried away by other religious movements, to follow this path, explained that all the deeds and prohibitions of our ancestors were taken from Sharia.