Meeting of students with an employee of the Central Police Station of Police Department of Karaganda

On November 17, 2022, district police inspectors of the Central Police Station of Karaganda, a police captain, Shokhabayev Zhassulan Serzhanuly, the police captain, Kauzov Yestay Tulegenovich carried out an explanatory work on the topic “Prevention of infractions among students” with the 1st year students of KTU (50 people), living in the dormitory “Studentter uyi”. The articles No.434, 440, 441 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Administrative Infractions” were explained in detail to the students. The students were also told and warned about petty hooliganism, the rules of movement in the parks and by public transport.

The students actively asked questions and received clear and comprehensive answers to them.